Universal Tag Cloud for Mavericks/OpenMeta and DEVONthink Pro
OSX Mavericks brought tags to the main stream. Ammonite provides an easy to use interface to find tagged files quickly. It also works with OpenMeta tagged files and databases of DEVONtechnologies' excellent product DEVONthink Pro.
Visualize Tags
Ammonite visualizes the tags used in a database or on your filesystem. Tags applied to many documents will appear larger then tags applied to a few documents. This helps you to drill down on the information you are looking for. Quick Look works like in Finder: Select a document and hit the space bar for instant previews.
Tag Hierarchies
Tag hierarchies are a unique feature of Ammonite which allows you to group tags by categories.

An example: You have many ebooks and want to find all books by a given publisher? Tag your books from Manning with "Publisher>Manning" and the ones from O'Reilly with "Publisher>O'Reilly". Ammonite will create a dedicated cloud of publishers on the fly. There is no limit on how deep you nest tags.
Drill down easily
Ammonite is easy to use: Left-click on a tag in the cloud to find documents having this tag applied. Right-click to exclude documents with this tag from the result. Combine as many tags in your search as you need. The result is updated immediately.
Search by date / date range
You are looking for documents created in a certain date range? With Ammonite you can. In a very intuitive and streamlined way.
Instant results
Whenever a tag is included or excluded from the search, the matching documents will be displayed. Details about the selected document are shown as well. Press Space to get an instant preview. You can reveal the document in DEVONthink or Finder, open it in an external application or replicate the selected documents into a new DEVONthink folder.
Support for OpenMeta/Mavericks Tags
Tagging does not stop at DEVONthink. Tags may be applied to any file or directory on your filesystem. Ammonite lets you search both DEVONthink and your filesystem with one application. DEVONthink Pro is not required for this feature to work.
Disclaimer: soma-zone has no affiliation whatsoever with DEVONtechnologies, maker of DEVONthink Pro.