Frequently Asked Questions


Can Ammonite be used without DEVONthink Pro?
As of version 1.5 you can use Ammonite without DEVONthink Pro. In this case it works with OpenMeta/Mavericks tags only.
Can Ammonite be used with DEVONthink Personal?
No, Ammonite requires DEVONthink Pro or DEVONthink Pro Office. These are as of now the only versions which support AppleScript which is required for Ammonite to talk to DEVONthink.


How do I uninstall Ammonite?
This is not exactly a frequently asked question, but It might be of interest to some.

To completely remove Ammonite from your computer drag the application to the Trash. Then remove the caches and preferences using

rm -rf ~/Library/Caches/com.soma-zone.Ammonite

defaults delete com.soma-zone.Ammonite

rm -f ~/Library/Preferences/com.soma-zone.Ammonite.plist