Frequently Asked Questions


How do I install BackupLoupe?
BackupLoupe is provided as a compressed Archive. Double-clicking it in Finder will extract the program which you can move to your Applications folder.
Is it possible to use BackupLoupe with my TimeCapsule or other NAS?
Yes, it is! Open your Finder and select your TimeCapsule from the 'Shared' section in the side bar. You should see a disk image (.sparsebundle) on that drive. Mount it by double-clicking. Start BackupLoupe…et voilà!

Note: While the .sparsebundle is mounted manually Time Machine cannot access this volume and will complain about this. You may want to disable Time Machine while working with BackupLoupe. Remember to unmount the .sparsebundle once you are done with BackupLoupe so Time Machine can resume operation.

BackupLoupe takes forever to scan my backup. What can I do?
If your backup drive is connected via WiFi, you may want to consider a direct connection (FireWire, USB). This reduces the time it takes to scan your backup. But even so, scanning an average 250GB backup with, say, 50 snapshots will take approx. 1.5 hours.
Those color bars to the left and right of each snapshot sure look pretty but what are they for?
The left bar indicates the relative size of a snapshot; that is the absolute size of a snapshot in proportion to the time span that snapshot covers. Green indicates a small relative size, and red indicates a large one.

The right bar indicates the deviation of a snapshot’s relative size from the average relative size of all snapshots made of the current machine. Green indicates a snapshot of which the size is close to average relative size, and red indicates an unusually small or large snapshot.

Why does BackupLoupe show more entries in the exclusion list than Time Machine Preferences?
Time Machine Preferences show only the excluded paths which still exist. Once they are created again they will be displayed again.
What exactly has changed in a file between version A and version B?
BackupLoupe requires, a utility which is part of the Apple Developer Tools, to be installed to answer this question. Once installed proceed as follows:
  • Locate the file in the browser view
  • Open the history drawer
  • Right-click the revision you want to compare the file to; A popup menu will appear
  • Select 'Show differences'


How do I uninstall BackupLoupe?
This is not exactly a frequently asked question, but It might be of interest to some.

Just remove BackupLoupe by dragging its icon to the trash. Also you want to delete the following items.

  • ~/Library/Preferences/com.soma-zone.BackupLoupe.plist
  • ~/Library/Caches/com.soma-zone.BackupLoupe

Your version of macOS may not display the Libraries folder in your home directory. In this case select 'Go->Goto Folder…' from the Finder menu and enter '~/Library'.